FORETHOUGHT THEATRE would like to thank our incredibly generous sponsors, without whom A HAUNTING would have not been possible. The following names represent our supporters, friends and family who have sponsored the show, or supported us in some way:

Belgrade Theatre

King’s Head Theatre

Diorama Arts Centre

Angela Hyde-Courtney

Humfrey Brandes                              

Buster Palmano

Alan Stratford

Alan O'Neill

Hannah Powell

Jill Davis

Janet Allbeson

Rimi Solloway

Hannah Mitchell

Andrew Kyle

Tim Foley

James Wood

Emily Buckingham

Marina Caldarone

Roger Davis

Gillian Brindley

Ben Wood

Alice Wood

Nicola Wood

Nick Forster

Andrew Wood

Emma Kirkby

Nick Kirkby

Laura Evans

Prue Steel

Caroline Beatty

Andrew Davis

Janet Morton

Sally Geeve

Ros Carne

Michael Brownlee

Will Bourdillon

Abigail See

Vinay Patel

Simon Carne

Camilla Whitehill