We were extremely fortunate that the King’s Head Theatre believed in this production enough to produce our original run. But now, for VAULT, we need your help. We strongly believe no one in the arts should work for free, and we want to put this production on without asking anyone involved to take a pay cut.  

We are lucky enough to have our crowd funding hosted by the fantastic platform Fringe Funder - a company we can't recommend enough. Check out of campaign here: 


The money that you pledge towards this production will go to:
- Wages for the cast and stage manager, for one week’s rehearsal and five performances: £1,200
- Creative fees (Director, Producer, Writer, Lighting Designer and Sound Designer): £1300
Total: £2500

Other costs (such as marketing , set & props, and insurance) will be funded through targeted fundraising, ticket sales, and in-kind support. Every penny you donate will go to paying our actors, and all those helping to make this play, fairly.