Forethought Theatre and the King's Head Theatre present


15 - 19 FEBRUARY

After a critically-acclaimed run at the King’s Head Theatre, Nathan Lucky Wood’s spine-chilling play transfers to the VAULT Festival for five nights. 

"You should be careful, Mark. There are some really dangerous people out there."

It’s Halloween, but Mark’s not going out. While his mum buries herself in work, he’s staying in, playing Xbox, and talking to Ghost. He doesn’t know his real name. It’s anonymous, and Mark likes it that way.. He feels like they can be honest with each other.But it turns out that Ghost knows more than he should. A­nd he really, really wants to meet...

An intricate drama about the internet, intrusion, and what we try to censor of our own past.

Written by Nathan Lucky Wood
Directed by Jennifer Davis
Produced by Forethought & the King's Head Theatre

Press Response

'Every once in awhile, the theatre produces a gemstone of such raw energy as to shake-up ancient truths about who we are and what it is that we fail to communicate.' - Last Minute Theatre Tickets ★★★★★

'A nail-biting seventy minutes of drama that has the audience perched precariously on the edge of their seats, illustrating that horror comes in many forms and that for many of us, that same horror could be just a mouse click away.' - Theatre Weekly ★★★★

'It makes for a damn fine play - eschewing complex stagecraft in favour confident writing and performances [...] best thing I've seen at Vault Festival thus far and an easy recommendation.' - London City Nights ★★★★

'A Haunting has an all too short run [...] But this is one of those shows, you just know will make a return. And return it must. Original, chilling and hugely entertaining.' - Spy in the Stalls ★★★★

‘Fantastically well-acted, tight production, that definitely keeps an audience well and truly hooked.’ - London Pub Theatres ★★★★

'Jennifer Davis’s direction is solid within the limitations of the venue, managing to create and connect the three locations in which this play takes place with style and ease.' - Jack the Lad ★★★★

‘[Wood’s] sharp script keeps us enthralled throughout and as the title suggests – continues to haunt us long after the applause has died down.’ - The Reviews Hub ★★★★

‘Superbly written, well directed by Jennifer Davis and acted brilliantly – go along if you can.’ - London Theatre 1 ★★★★

'Without a doubt the highlight of the 2017 VAULT Festival [...] Straight-out, stripped-to-the-bone, compulsive storytelling: it hooks you in and it never lets go.' - Litro Magazine